Gergely Szőnyi /screenwriter, director/: Born in 1977. As a TV news journalist he has edited and directed news and reports for many years. He has also studied screenwriting and there are always stories in his head. In addition to writing he draws cartoons, illustrations and creates caricatures and storyboards as well. His goal is to learn to make great films gradually, starting from making short films.

Tamás Helényi /cinematographer, editor, director/: Born in 1976. Graduated as a TV cameraman and has photographed and directed ​​documentary films for ages. He has won numerous awards in Hungary with his short films. One of the great loves of his life is photography, the playing with light. His goal is to photograph more and more films in which he can show his artistic values and qualified work.

Commonly received Awards:

AXN Film Festival 2010 (Sony Pictures Television) - Audience Award, - second place (shortfilm "Under Testing")

OHIM (Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market) "Hands off my design!" International competition, Brussels (2012) - First place (for the campaign film: "Choose the Original!")